The Studio

Every day I follow a winding path through the garden to reach my studio. I have everything I need to create beautiful windows and I am close to my home and my family.

The studio (my fifth) was the first thing we built when we moved here in 2012. The garden was a wilderness of brambles inhabited by birds and foxes. I designed a wildlife garden and created it with the help of many friends. It continues to evolve and inspire me.

My studio is open to the public for two weeks in June as part of the Surrey Artist’s Open Studio event. This year it will be open from 11am-5pm from 3rd to 18th June inclusive. Visitors will be able to see my Seven Ages of Man panels on display in the Garden Pavilion along with other stained glass work.

Appointments to visits to the studio outside these times can be arranged.


Stained Glass Process

The tradition of the English Arts and Crafts movement is at the core of my work. I studied stained glass at Central St Martins on a course Christopher Whall established. He was an artist who learnt stained glass so he could both design and make windows. It seems obvious now, but back then it was revolutionary. I am happiest when I carry out the whole process myself.

I made these drawings in 1996 when I had a studio in Teddington. Not much has changed, except I don’t install the windows myself any more. The kiln is still going strong unlike my dungarees!


The Studio
1 Furze Lane

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